Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sunday Dinner #1

In the South, Sunday dinner is something that takes place in the late afternoon. It is a fine tradition and one of Will’s better ideas. He’s also a hell of a cook.

Pierre Peters Blanc de Blancs Brut
Nice, bright, good bite, but I can’t really be bothered to pay that much attention to Champagne.

2001 Barthod Bourgogne Les Bons Batons
Really good showing for this. Starts about a bit mute, but after 20-30 minutes, it really opens up. Brambly, carousing fruit with plenty of sous bois notes to round the complexity. I really can’t think of anything more I could ask from a Bourgogne. In my opinion, Barthod makes the finest example.

2006 George Descombes Morgon
What I liked about this wine is that I could just drink it without really having to pay attention. Sunday dinner is about conversation and this didn’t get in the way, only enhanced it.

With cheese
2002 Huët Vouvray Demi-Sec Le Haut-Lieu
Right at cellar temperature. Has really rounded and lost some of it’s orginal hard edge. I was surprised at how gentle it was. Not sloppy or flawed, just a lot friendlier than I would have expected. I find chenin blanc based wines to be the perfect foil for a cheese course and this served that purpose with aplomb. As it opened up, it started to stretch out a bit and find focus. If you have a good stash, it might be a decent time to check in.


David McDuff said...

I'm a big champion of Chenin with cheese as well. There was a BYOB restaurant I used to frequent in Philly that always put together an exceptional cheese plate. A bottle of Vouvray, usually demi-sec or even moelleux, almost always made it into my pack with the cheese in mind.

the vlm said...

Chenin is the best wine with cheese, IMO.

I can't fathom why people would have red wine with cheese. Only one or two cheeses really accent red wine.

Florida Jim said...

Thatnks for the tip on the Huet - I do have a fair stash and although its in NC right now, the spring should be a nice time for demi-sec.
Best, Jim