Friday, December 19, 2008

Who knows why?

Sometimes wines that you know are good just don’t show well. Makes you wonder about the whole evaluative enterprise.

2004 Baudry Chinon Blanc La Croix Boissée
And the disappointments keep on coming. I’m gonna chalk this one up to bottle variability because I’ve had too many great bottles of this. I mean, really stunningly good bottles and this was my first disappointment.

2007 Clos du Tue-Boeuf Cheverny Rouillon
Well, this was good, but didn’t show nearly as well as a recent sample in New York. Tue-Boeuf wines are always temperamental so I guess it should be expected. I found the entire range of reds from 2007 both from Thierry Puzelat’s negoce line and Tue-Boeuf to be exceptional, so I’ll try this again in a couple of weeks.


andrew said...

Sometimes I think the barometric pressure, the humidity or even my own outlook on life all affect the flavor. And I know that biodynamic growers believe the tides and the phase of the moon influence the taste & texture. Whatever the cause, I am usually guaranteed the beautiful bottle I own for a special occasion will taste flat; open the same bottle with pizza and the wine is magnificent.

Nancy Deprez said...

Hmmm... wine is funny and frustrating that way, unlike coffee and orange juice, which is always consistent.

Andrew's comment about magnificent with pizza but flat when it should perform is funny! It does happen!