Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What the cool kids are drinking this Summer

There is always something new for the summer. 5 years ago it was the rosé resurgence. A couple of years ago it was Txakoli. Last year it was Txakoli rosato. Our friends over at Cépage (pronounced SEA-page) are a bit out-of-date on what the cool kids are drinking.

Well this year, it’s something different. What the cool kids are drinking is the Juliénas Spritzer.

  • Take one 10L bag-in-box Michel Tête Juliénas and put in refrigerator.
  • Take Lurisia sparkling(or Pelligrino if it is not available in your area) and also refrigerate.
  • Wait until chilled.
  • Take out 8.5 oz Picardie tumbler.
  • Add 1 part Lurisia and two parts Juliénas from the spout.
  • Drink and repeat until satisfied.
  • Garnish if you like, but I don’t.

This is what the cool kids are drinking.


Lyle Fass said...

I just had one last night. But also had 2007 Luneau-Papin Gros Plant which is probably my house wine this summer.

TWG said...

Where do you get a ten (10) litre box of Tete Beaujolais?

Florida Jim said...

. . . completely 'round the bend.
Best, Jim

the vlm said...

Haven't had that Luneau wine. I'm assuming available at CSW?

If you don't have it, you must not be one of the cool kids. You can sample at Rue Cler Restaurant the next time you are in Durham, NC.

Yeah, but I've been heading this way for a long time...

Lyle Fass said...


went into Crush and paid $24.99 for it. Ha!

the vlm said...


I can't believe you'd set foot in there. You're such a douche-bag!!!

Cliff said...

1. More like SAY-page.

2. Does Dressner really bring in Cubi's? I've never seen one in the States, and with our flagging currency, I'd love to be able to get some real wine in a box.

the vlm said...


We arranged this with the Tête's directly for my brother's restaurant (through Joe, of course). It's been great thus far and we hope that they will keep it going.

So, the short answer is no and it probably will never be available as a commercial venture. You are welcome to come to Durham and try it for yourself at Rue Cler.

Cliff said...

I look forward to the opportunity to go back to Durham -- I've only been a couple of times -- and any restaurant with Tête on tap is one I'd like to visit.

I know Americans are dense, but, given our economy these days, we really could use wines like that in boxes. Though I'm a bit surprised to see something that good. They're usually limited to vin de pays in France, from what I've seen.