Thursday, July 10, 2008

There's Florida and there is FlaJim

For those of you that don’t already know, and there must be at least 3 or 4 of you left, Jim Cowan is a gem of person. Almost makes it worth visiting Florida. Almost.If you notice a difference between the first two wines and the last two, the first were at our hotel, the last were at the restaurant we went to for dinner. Terrible wine list, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway, and my folks got to meet Jim, which was nice for everyone. The bill came service compris, which was odd. Just goes to show how many Europeans are showing up in Florida these days with their damn Euros and a willfull ignorance towards the tipping customs in the U.S.

1998 Domaine de Chevalier Pessac-Léognan Rouge
Really excellent bottle. Tannins have folded in, very Graves nose and all the tobacco, earth, and red fruits that this implies added to the more predictable cabernet-ish darker notes. Balanced and harmonious without anything seeming outsized or forced. In 1998 at least, this wine has resisted the call of the concentrator. Paid about $45 which I think is fair for the wine. Worth seeking out.

2005 Luneau-Papin Excelsior Clos des Noelles
Excellent. Although from an entirely different soil, every bit as good as Marc Olivier’s Granit de Clisson. Maybe more aggressive than Marc’s. I like these new luxury Muscadet and hope these projects continue. Not sure how others are responding. I’m on the lookout and will be putting some in the cellar.

2006 Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc
Drinkable, sort-of.

2004 Sonoma-Cuter Les Pierres
Bloody awful. I tried really hard to find something to like. I should have had a martini.


Florida Jim said...

You got that Graves across the bridge right? I have to go look.
Come back anytime - bring wine.
Best, Jim

the vlm said...

Yeah, right near the bridge. I think on the beach side.

If I had time, I would have gone back and cleaned them out, but never got a chance.

Good value, IMO. I'll be looking for more in the fall when weather cools and I can get shipments.

Lyle Fass said...

Good to have you back shitto!

the vlm said...

Somebody has to counteract the bullshit over at Rockss and Douche!!!

Nancy Deprez said...

You love French wines, don't you?? :)

the vlm said...

Yes Nancy, I do love the French wines. I also have love for Italy, Austria, and Germany.