Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another vote for Briords

I'm a bit ambivalent when the general media gets involved in wine that I like. In Slate today, the generally pretty good Mike Steinberger heartily recommended the Pepière Briords (without a vintage) as well as a Bossard wine, the 2006 Gneiss. Personally, I think it is a good article and folks who read it will be better informed and, if they listen, will get some good wine. I also agree with him (with a few notable exceptions) about aging Muscadet. In the short to medium term, yes, but much beyond that I am only ocasionally convinced.

How do the rest of you feel about another spread of insider wisdom? Should we string up Steineberger and Asimov, or be happy that Olivier and Bossard wines will see a wider audience?

I'd make an actual poll, but I don't really give that much of a shit, besides, the sample size would be too small (not to mention, lacking in any sort of random assignment).


Jack at Fork & Bottle said...

I don't there's going to be a rush on these wines. Perhaps if Parker gave them a 97. Otherwise, nah.

- Jack, who, hanging his head, has a regular bottle and a freakin' magnum of this wine...what am I going to do with the magnum?!

TWG said...

You want enough people to buy the wines you like so that the distribution system will continue to carry the wines, but you don't want so many people buying it that prices increase dramatically. You want Americans to buy but you don't want the Chinese to buy it.

Why rag on Parker? If he convinces people to blow their money on ratings, especially wine that doesn't suit one's taste, that's good. The last thing I want is Parker driving up the price of wines where there is still good value.

the vlm said...


I drink magnums of Briords all the time. 750mL just isn't enough.


The problem is that Parker hired Schildy, who likes a lot of the same wines I do. Evidently, he gave a huge review to Geantet Poissenots, and now I can find nary a bottle, and the price is through the roof.

slaton said...

Points Chasers Clean Chambers St Wines out of Muscadet

the vlm said...

Rockss & Douche, huh?

Funny how people slag Josh Raynolds. For my money, he and Schildy are the only ones who know shit.

TWG said...


Lyle Fass said...

I wasn't slagging Josh. Tongue firmly planted in cheek.

jb said...

I am with you on the short to medium term for most muscadet, maybe real short term on the 04s.

the vlm said...


Good to see you here at the VLM-TR. I'm planning on drinking my 2004 Briords, then my 2002s, then my 2005s. 2002s may be the next 1996s, but I can't be sure. The 1996 was still pristine and beautiful the last time I had it.