Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big change at Chambers St. Wines

As readers of the VLM-TR well know, we are big fans of David and Jamie (and sometimes Rockss and Douche) over at Chambers St. Wines. Well, they are moving to a new location and David sent me an email to let me know, and I thought I’d pass it along to the readers here who might want to get in on the moving sale action.

These guys are friends of mine, so I have a conflict of interest. Fuck you if you don’t’ like it.

I hope you buy a lot of wine, here are the terms:

  • Prices will be valid as of 12:01 AM Friday August 1.
  • Order by emailing David or call 212.227.1434.
  • Sparkling wines not discounted.
  • Non-discountable items remain that way.
  • However, most old Barolos and pre-arrivals which are discountable will discount 10%.
  • All other still wines will discount 20% on bottle one, or more of course.

Most importantly for VLM-TR readers, all Loire and Beaujolais are included.

Don’t put off rounding out your Baudry, Breton, Huet, etc. Lots of cool stuff, try to get there before me and Blackwood get all the cherries.


TWG said...

There's a problem with site meter that stop's IE uses from accessing blogs, including yours. No word from the help center if it's being worked on. Other browser work OK.

the vlm said...

That's the first of I've heard of this problem. Will investigate.

You should use Firefox anyway.

Salil said...

Thanks for that tip. Just grabbed some nice Rieslings that still hadn't been pillaged by the Therapy NY crowd.

(My poor, poor wallet...)