Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The NEW wine internet

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here.

As many VLM-TR readers already know, there was a great community over at Wine therapy, a community of exiles from other wine boreds who found a place where we could mix irreverence with wine. The depth of knowledge over there was often times extraordinary and the dialogue at a very high level. It has gone unmodertaed and the software unupdated for several years now, and the center could no longer hold.

A mysterious group calling themselves the Politburo has established a new bored, Wine Disorder, specifically to house these wandering souls.

This is an open invitation to all VLM-TR readers to check join Wine Disorder and participate in what are sure to be lively, intelligent, and often humourous discussions.


Lyle Fass said...

Done with boreds.

TWG said...

VLM, Hope you're on vacation. It's ten days since your last post.

Sharon said...

All right, this NEW internet is getting old... Let's get bloggin', sir.

Sharon said...

Oh, and Lyle, you should rethink?