Friday, September 19, 2008

Great timing

Last bottle of Nuits D’Ivresse

Just sitting at home, enjoying the bounty of the farmers market.

2002 Breton Bourgueil Nuits d'Ivresse
This was my last bottle of the drunken nights. It has been a bit of a roller-coaster this wine as it went through an awkward reductive stage. This bottle was out of that and I feel like I timed it perfectly, at least to my tastes with this wine. There were still firm tannins propping up the structure and framing the food and there was still some fruit that hadn’t gone over yet. This wine has very gentle naturalness to it, something you can really feel more than taste. I find it wispy with strains of herbs and purple flowers to round out the fruit. Most of the fruit has shed it’s primary character and has ventured towards something more forrest-y and mature. This is as good an example of hipster-vigneron winemaking as is out there. Although this wine, as well as other vintages, do have their difficult patches, this isn’t hipster winemaking for the sake of it. I think this turned out just as Catherine and Pierre intended. Well done.

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Marc said...

Can you explain what you mean about the hipster vigneron wine making in regards to Breton?