Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farmers market bounty and Brun

On of the great things about moving back to NC is the abundance of great produce from the farmers market. It’s amazing how long arugula picked fresh that morning actually stays fresh in the fridge. You forget this when you are buying your veggies at the grocery store. When I pick from the dozens of different heirloom tomatoes, I pick in descending ripeness, so that I can have them every day if I want. The most killer thing is the fresh eggs. You can crack these eggs (hit em hard, the shells are strong) and throw them into the pan from 3 feet and the iridescent orange yolk won’t break.

You can almost become a vegetarian with bounty like this. Made a simple meal at home with some potatoes, arugula, tomatoes, and purple hulled peas (with country ham!). Fresh and delicious and they deserved the same in a wine.

2005 Brun Beaujolais Cuvée l'Ancien Vieilles Vignes
I had some issues with the 2002, which FlaJim has seemingly found a cure for. Well, I can happily report that the 2005 has none of these problems, and it is actually labeled Beaujolais! It is a little large for a Brun l’Ancien, but still has all that rocky/gravelly delineation. Deeper fruit than usual, but with more tannin to accompany it. Really delicious, especially at cellar temperature. Managed to bomb through almost the full bottle myself. My guess is that this will be at it’s best in 2 years, but it is no crime to drink now.

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David McDuff said...

I've had similar experiences with Brun's '05 Morgon, relative to its scale and tannins. Damn delicious wine, though.

"purple hulled peas (with country ham!)

A neat encapsulation of "almost vegetarian."