Thursday, December 31, 2009

Question of the year

People ask me annoying wine questions all the time. This thought provoking question was posed to me by my friend Ken, and it really got me to think.

What is the one truly noble grape?

Answer: chenin blanc

Reasoning: it is the only grape capable of producing great wine in every form: dessert, demi-sec, sec, and bubbles.

It was hard to argue. Chardonnay and riesling are the other grape varieties that jumped to my mind, but there are too few examples of sweet chardonnay (but don’t you love the Bongran and Guillemot versions) and Sekt riesling has never really floated my boat.

I’m not sure this is the last word, or even important, but it sure as hell is an interesting thought experiment.

Hope all you little monkeys have a great 2010. Seriously, fuck 2009.


sfgadfly said...

Noblest because it's the sluttiest? Gotcha.

Florida Jim said...

I rather enjoyed 2009.
But then, that's what I do.
Best, Jim

Anonymous said...

just had the new release of 02 petillant...that was great. And yeah, bongran cuvee botrytis is THE shit.
and yes fuck 09!!! Happy 2010!!!

Iuli said...

My two most noble grapes are Riesling and Nebbiolo. Pinot Noir comes in a close 3rd, though.

My criterium is as follows, maintain strong varietal character while providing enough transparency to differentiate the nuances of terroir.

Yea, Fuck 2009.

Clarke said...

I'd argue that erbaluce can produce fantastic wine in every form, too.

John McCarthy said...

Money call on the erbaluce! I was thinking Gros Manseg but I don't know of a Sparkling wine that is made with just that....

Lyle Fass said...


I agree!