Monday, January 4, 2010

Unheralded excellence

Over dinner with my friend Ryan at Vin Rouge.

1999 Mugneret-Gibourg Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Chaignots
This was a spectacular bottle. Of the 3 I’ve tried from my stash, all have shown amazingly well even tasted years apart. Seems to be a very Vosne expression of Nuits. Elegant, silky, with very seductive fruit and spice elements. Finishes very polished and long with non-obvious structure. I think this wine often gets underestimated in the Mugneret line-up. Should age gracefully for 15 years or more, but is balanced and fun to drink now.


Creative Anarchy said...

I had a bottle of the 76 Mugneret NSG Chaignots last week. At 33 years old, it was simply spectacular. I concur with your comment "Very Vosne." A great wine in nearly every vintage, and so far, well under the radar.

Yule said...

Chaignots is near Vosne, correct, on the northern half of Nuits-St. Georges? Does that account for the Vosne profile?

I read somewhere that the classic "Nuits" characteristics only really show themselves in the southern vineyards, like Perrieres, Vaucrains, and of course St. Georges, but not having had that much, this is all hearsay.