Thursday, November 20, 2008

As of Today

I just talked to Joe Dressner and his doctors.

According to all medical evidence, he has a 56.43% chance of death.

Just thought I'd update the avid VLM_TR reader.


Florida Jim said...

I'm out of the loop; any details?
Best, Jim

Jason said...

He's doing better than me. Last time I checked with my Doctor he assured me that I have a 100% chance of death.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Nathan. Best wishes, Joe!



slaton said...

There's a new update posted today on his blog.

Sharon said...

Oh my god, he has nearly half a chance of being immortal?

Fits in with his godly taste in wine.

Otherwise, yes, he is living through this experience with the ultimate Joe Dressner humor.

I want him to live through it and meet the 100% far later.

Joe said...

I ate Thanksgiving dinner with Dressner tonight. He was thrown out of the hospital this morning after a successful biopsy and is waiting for the results in about eight days.

He's walking slowly, speaking somewhat slurred and can't remember who the fuck Nathan Vandergrift might be.