Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brunch in B-town

After a nice languid morning of waking up late and strolling around the Baltimore farmers market with Spike, we met up with Amy and the kids as well as some friends at Petit Louis for lunch. The wine list was loaded more Châteauneuf than you could shake a stick at and plenty of Bordeaux, with the Burgundy and Beaujolais sections mostly loaded with third tier mediocrities. Not to mention an almost non-existent Loire section, but I managed to find a very good Vissoux and they had several vintages of Gamot and Cayrou from Cahors.

2007 Vissoux Fleurie Poncié
This was bright, juicy, floral, and deliciously easy to drink. One of those wines that glides by giving a sense of ease and enjoyment without seeming frivolous. The bottle was gone in a flash, leaving only smiles behind.

2000 Clos de Gamot Cahors
Decanted and drinking quite well for such a muscle-bound wine. Make no mistake, this wasn’t near maturity, but it certainly had a nice balance to it with some deep fruit to compliment to rugged leathery mineral components and the full-ish tannin. I had a good dose of fat on my plate, so this did OK. This is probably a wine to seek out and put in the cellar if you like Cahors, which I do.


Jello4 said...

Are you not going to blog on all the crazy stuff we tasted and drank this week? I'm much too lazy to write that shit up myself, and would rather nitpick what you say.

TWG said...

We thought you were back?