Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vin de Soif

Having dinner with my friend RJ who was packing things up before closing on his house and heading out to Seattle for good. Had a light dinner of apps and charcuterie at Vin Rouge. Excellent.

2002 Radikon Jakot
This is my favorite of the Radikon whites for reasons I cannot fully explain. I am of the belief that these, with exceptions, gain nothing from extended bottle aging I convinced RJ to bring out his last bottle. It showed OK, but a bit more loose than previous bottles. While still a very good drop, I’ve had better bottles.

2008 Foillard Morgon
When you are in the mood, nothing else will truly suffice. Again, this was not the best bottle of this I’ve had, a bit less overt fruityness (which was sort of what I was looking for) but still able to tickle all the right spots on my palate and even spine. If you don’t like this, you really need to ask yourself if wine truly is your beverage of choice.


Iuli said...

Oslavje has always been my faovrite radikon white. I think it takes on a bit of honeyed character with age, with a softer more supple texture.

It's radikon's merlot i've been craving. Living in the neo facist state of PA, unspoofed merlot seems like a world away from me.

Florida Jim said...

FWIW, we opened my '08 skin-fermented SB the other night for friends and it is about twice as good as the bottle we shared in Durham. It appears to be gaining both depth and length and was the Thunderbird bottle among some very upscale competition that night.
It also seems to be gaining color - why I have no idea.
Best, Jim

the vlm said...


The Radikon merlot can be amazing. I think I may have drank the last few bottle of the 1995 at Otto. They were only $90 or so.


Any way you can hold a bottle or two to have with me or sell me? I'm really curious to see what happens with that wine. I talk about it everywhere I go. Still holding the syrah. Just let me know when I can drink it.

Florida Jim said...

Drink the syrah cold - I mean it. Otherwise there's too much VA. The bottle you got is one of the "first offs" which means first off the bottling line and it got too much air.
And now is fine.
As for the white, I'll hold a couple. Actually, I bottled a few mags. and plan on holding them longer term, too.
Best, Jim