Friday, August 13, 2010

A note on Sherry and freshness

My good friend André Tamers of De Maison Selections has been adamant about the issue of freshness and Sherry. He loves the joys of the beverage and is worried that many people are turned off to the joys of it because they get bottles that are simply too long in the tooth. He believes in this so strongly that he has had his producers of Manzanilla and Fino put the bottling date on their back label.

Manzanilla and Fino a wonderful accompaniment to all sorts of tapas and especially things like grilled sardines. It's dangerous for em to just drink it as a refresher because I'm likely to drink tons and get totally smashed.

Take some to the beach with you to have with shrimp. You'll thank me.


Scott Reiner said...

too long in the tooth? do you mean that the bottle has been opened for too long or that the bottle is too old?

have the albanians moved to china?!?!

TWG said...

By the glass in most restaurants it's usually open too long. BG and Peter Liem pointed out that bottles can be left open several days. I'm the only sherry drinker in the house so it's a big help that at least manzanilla that is open several days is usually good. Some people believe Fino only stays fresh for hours.