Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fantastic Mâcon

2007 Domaine de Roally Viré-Clessé Tradition
I could have included this in the Beach Week Highlights, as it was one of those two, but I had another bottle with recent Durhamites Noel and Marie the other night over dinner. These wines continue to amaze me with their joyfulness and sheer charm. I think Macon chardonnay may be one of the most underrated beverages in the world. I can’t remember the last time I had a Roally or other Thévenet or Guillemot wine that I did not love. The 2007 version has beautiful sun kissed floral fruit with some weight on the palate cleared elegantly by the back end structure. I’ve had this with several different kinds of foods and unless beat over the head with spice, it has never failed to shine. I have an embarrassing admission to make: I haven’t been cellaring these wines. I buy them and drink them and then the vintage is gone and I have forgotten to put any away. That stops this year. I’ve had older vintages that have aged beautifully (although not as many as I would like) and will be putting a case of this up. You should do the same and enjoy it over a decade or more.


Anonymous said...

I fucking loved this wine last time I had it. It took a good hour to fully open up, but man is was bang on. I'm with you on the Macon whites being the shit. I wish ferret was still around.

Iuli said...

Looooovvvved Ferret.

I'm a macon freak. Minerally cream cheese in a bottle.

Florida Jim said...

I'm not buying much wine these days but you're comments are very convincing - 'half a case, on the way.
Best, Jim

the vlm said...

I can't stop drinking it either. I really have to hide it from myself so I can actually cellar some.

I miss Ferret, too. Way back in the day, they were, along with Bongran, the first Macon wines to really blow me away.