Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Even good wines can let you down

Saddled up to the bar with my friend Susannah to have a bit of wine and some food. We started with escargots and and finished with Cassoulet and hachette parmentier. None of the wines went with any of the foods. None of the wines showed particularly well either. Strange night.

2007 Cá de Noci Vino di Tavola Notte di Luna
Started out a bit cheesy, but once it blew off, became really pretty and floral. Lacked a bit fo structure. Decanted half into a small 500mL container. There did seem to be a divergence with the decanted half showing a bit more structure. Doesn’t have the breathtaking beauty that made me fall in love, but nice.

2000 Domaine de l'Oratoire St Martin Cairanne Haut-Coustias
I decanted this off the sediment for about 45 minutes then recanted it into the rinsed bottle. It showed very strangely at dinner. The structural proportions of the wine were very desirable. Still some acidity and tannins that were fine grained and noble. As far as flavor profile though, it was muted and didn’t show much of anything on the nose or palate. Maybe a bit of fruit here and there and a hint of licorice but nothing of real interest and did not really improve with or the experience of the food.

2006 Domaine Berthoumieu Madiran Cuvée Charles de Batz
Inky in that way that tannat can be. Not super aggressively tannic. I found it slick and somewhat flat with no real complexity. Even after decanting for a while, it still never got particularly interesting.

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