Thursday, July 24, 2008

Other recent Durham arrivals

Some friends of mine from Reno recently moved to the Triangle for a job. Got a chance to sit down for dinner and give them tips on the area. Wasn’t a great wine night, but hey, they all can’t be.

2005 Ulivi Montemarino
My friends enjoyed this more than I did. Frankly, I really love the Filagnotti Gavi for it’s laser like voice and bustling freshness. Still, a good wine, but lacking the drive that I wanted.

2004 Salvo Foti Etna Rosso Vinupetra
Disappointing bottle of this. Past bottles completely left me speechless. Complex like Burgundy, but a wine that had been kissed by sunshine and showed the warmth and spice to that effect. This bottle was a bit diffuse and lacking in purity and drive. I’ve got a few more, maybe I’ll try another one soon. Maybe this is an example of an excellent wine that just isn’t built to age, although I’m surprised by that.

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