Friday, October 26, 2012

Amazing Sherry

No real notes because I was too busy having fun and catching up with friends, but I had several incredible sherries last night with Andre Tamers at Mateo.

The El Maestro Sierra Palo Cortado is among the best sherries I've ever had. Concentrated and weightless at the same time. A Burgundian trick. Also, the Amontillado 1830 and the Oloroso 1/14 are archetypes of their species.

The C├ęsar Florido Palo Cortado was richer and a bit less graceful, but stunning and long (but only 600 bottles). His Fino is my current go to. Really a great wine-type-beverage.

The La Cigarerra Manzanilla Pasada was tangy, saline, vibrant, and long. Very cool stuff, but hard to find (well, all of these are). And of course the Manzanilla is its normal, delightful self.

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