Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hiatus almost over

If anyone is still out there this is an announcement that stating Thursday July 15 this blog will actually be up and running again.

Work and life got to stressful for a while back in February and as I am fairly ambivalent about blogging, I sort of let it pass. I've been planning on re-starting, but just couldn't find the little push that I needed.

Well, on Thursday I'll be participating in Cory's 32 days of Natural Wine and I figure if I'm going to give that SF hipster some content, I may as well start writing here again.

I'm going to try to commit to 2-3 posts a week. I think that is possible.

cheers, y'all.


Cliff said...

Well it's about damn time! Seriously, sorry to hear about the winter. Hope things have settled down and you can enjoy Bastille Day.

Florida Jim said...

If I could write n Chinese, I'd say something smart and witty.
But . . . 'bout time.
Best, Jim

Anonymous said...

fuck you vlm and welcome back. also soon to be oakland hipster.