Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eric Asimov has solid character

If you followed the debate over on Wine therapy about Asimov's 2005 Chinon article, you may have witnessed me slagging him off. In fact, it was little Thor Iverson's playground challenge (if you think it is so easy, let's see you do it) that pushed me to start this blog in the first place (I just can't resist that playground stuff, but something tells me I would have whipped Thor's ass on the playground, despite his mighty name).

So anyway, I was checking out Asimov's blog, The Pour, over on the New York Times, and he has linked to my blog. That takes an awful lot of character for someone to do that. I mean, I felt like I was measured in my criticism of his article, or at least I was right. Maybe it was some little underling (it is mis-labeled Vulgar Little Monkey's Translucency Report), but I prefer to think that it was Eric himself, who has seen my posts and blogs and sees them to be of merit and decided to let my griping about his article be water under the bridge and throw this bone to my little part of the internet from his vaunted perch.

Whatever the reasoning, it is a nice gesture towards the VLM-TR.


thor iverson said...

But it worked, didn't it?

My job here is done.

the vlm said...

You can now ease into retirement know the world is safer and mis-information about Chinon will never be spread again.

thor iverson said...

The Chinon Marketing Board sends their regards. And a case of free samples from the co-op.

Joe said...

It's your zen-like serenity that I really admire.