Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm starting a Death Panel

Anyone interested?

The caveat is that you actually have to know something about statistics, epidemiology, or economics.

That rules out most of you since you are either English majors or idiots (or both).

No, your bed ridden 92 year old grandma cannot have a quadruple bypass even though you really want her to make it to your brats 3rd birthday party.

Really people. GROW THE FUCK UP.


guilhaume said...

i want in!

Iuli said...

My Qualifications:

Economics: I read Paul Krugman's blog (when I need a good laugh)

Epidemiology: one of my college roomates works for the cdc

Statisctics: i know the difference between mean, mode and median.

Pick Me Pick Me!!!!

Joe said...

I'm game. My qualifications: I eat dead things every day, and will be dead someday myself.

Victoria said...

How about if I just have a mean streak a mile wide?

saignee said...

is there a cool uniform involved?

Florida Jim said...

Secret handshake?
This is gonna be so cool . . . OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
Best, Jim